Network+ Boot Camp

Learn how to configure, troubleshoot and oversee networks! This boot camp provides the most comprehensive approach to earning your CompTIA Network+ certification, one of the most popular certifications an IT professional can attain.

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Boot Camp Overview

CertCertain’s authorized CompTIA Network+ Boot Camp is a comprehensive, four-day training that teaches you important networking administration and support skills. The ever-evolving networking capabilities of organizations require more advanced skills than the A+ certification. This boot camp builds on your existing knowledge by teaching you fundamental information technology concepts, including the design and implementation of networks, using routers and switches to segment traffic, troubleshooting network problems and more.

You’ll leave with the skills needed to take the next step in your career and the knowledge required to pass your Network+ certification exam and prove your worth to employers.



What's included...

Five days of training with an expert instructor

CompTIA Network+ exam voucher

Curated trainings from other top-rated instructors

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


What You Will Learn

It is important to keep in mind that the Network+ cert is really not considered to be an “advanced cert” per se; it is viewed more as a beginning-to-intermediate cert for a network engineer. Here are some of the key topics a student will learn as they study and practice for the Network+ cert:

Networking Concepts
Network troubleshooting and tools
Network Security
Network operations
And much more!


No Risk Guarantee


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Network+ Boot Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the exam like?

It is offered year-round.

How often is the exam offered?

It is offered year-round.

I failed the exam. How soon can I retake it?

You can take your second attempt any time after for your first exam. However, for your third attempt, you must wait at least 14 calendar days from the last attempt.

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